Who’s who


 Rev. Jane Warhurst
Tel:  0161 775 2461
 Jane was born in Irlam, just across the road from St John’s, and relocated to Merseyside in 1985 with her husband, Colin. They now have two grown-up sons. Ordained in Liverpool Cathedral in 2001, she moved with her family into inner city Liverpool where she ministered for 12 amazing years in Kensington/Edge Hill and Granby/Toxteth until the call came to leave Liverpool and return ‘home’.

Ordained Local Ministers (OLM)

Jean is a retired Ordained Local minister with the Bishop’s Permission to Officiate and her ministerial focus is Baptism.  Jean has lived in Irlam since 1967. She has two children, Matthew and Sarah and three grandchildren.
Rev. Jean Dodd
Tel: 0161 775 9125
Rev. Joan Stephens
Tel: 0161 775 7538
Joan is a retired Ordained Local Minister with Permission to officiate. Her ministerial focus is pastoral.  Joan and her family have lived in Irlam since 1966.  Joan has five children, seven grandchildren and two great grandchildren

 Church Wardens

Norman Verity
Tel: 0161 775 4947
June Worsley
Tel: 0161 775 5024